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Mother committed an “unimaginable” crime against her two young children because she believed they had turned into “zombies”; gets three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole

A woman, often referred to in the media as the “doomsday cult” mom, has been handed three consecutive terms of life in prison without the possibility of parole. This grave sentence comes in the wake of her conviction for the murder of her two young children and for her involvement in a conspiracy surrounding the death of her husband’s former wife. The proceedings, packed with emotional testimonies, legal intricacies, and startling revelations, underscore the depth and complexity of this disturbing saga, the details of which are further explored below.

Lori V. D., often associated with a “doomsday cult”, was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on Monday. This sentence was handed down after she was found guilty of the murders of her two children and her involvement in the conspiracy to kill her husband’s former wife.

On May 12, an Idaho jury, consisting of 12 members, found her culpable for the murders of her daughter, Tylee R., 16, and son, Joshua “J.J.” V., 7. Additionally, she was found guilty of conspiring to kill the aforementioned children and Tammy D., her husband’s previous wife. She was also convicted of grand theft by deception.

Judge Steven B., when delivering the verdict, referred to her actions as “unimaginable”. According to sources, prosecutors presented the argument that she was motivated to kill her children, believing they had become “zombies”.

In court, Kay W., the biological grandmother of J.J., labeled Lori’s actions as “depravity, cruelty, and betrayal”.

It was in 2019 that the siblings went missing, and their remains were discovered in 2020 in the backyard of Lori’s husband, Chad D.

During the hearing, Lori’s defense attorney, John T., made an appeal for leniency. When Lori herself spoke, she referred to Bible verses, asserting her belief in Jesus Christ’s knowledge of the truth and implying that the deaths were accidental. She also mentioned her alleged communications with the deceased, stating their contentment in the afterlife.

Judge Steven, taking into account her mental health and her denial of the crimes in court, decided upon three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. He emphasized the gravity of a mother’s crime against her children and Lori’s seeming lack of remorse.

“You had so many other options. … You could have found someone to take care of those kids,” he said. “You killed those children … to remove them as obstacles and to profit financially.”

In the courtroom, a statement from Lori’s surviving son, Colby R., was read out, expressing his sorrow over the loss of his siblings and praying for healing for all parties involved.

“Tylee and J.J. brought so much light into this world,” Colby stated. “I pray for healing for everyone involved, including those who took the lives of all the ones we loved.”

Chad, Lori’s husband, is set for trial next April. He has pleaded not guilty to charges associated with the murder of his first wife, Tammy, as well as the deaths of J.J. and Tylee.

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