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Broward School Board to hold meeting focusing on school policing plan

Broward County, Florida – The Broward County School Board has announced a Special Meeting to be held on January 9, 2024. This important gathering is set to focus on the School Policing Plan, a topic of significant relevance to the safety and security of students and staff within the district.

A key agenda item for this meeting is the discussion led by the Superintendent of Schools regarding the transition of the Special Investigative Unit (SIU) into a fully-fledged school police department. This transition is a crucial step in enhancing the security measures within Broward County schools. The School Board will also provide their input during this discussion, ensuring a comprehensive and collaborative approach to school safety.

To ensure transparency and community involvement, the meeting will be made accessible to the public via a live stream. This can be viewed on the district’s official website, allowing parents, students, and interested community members to stay informed and engaged with the developments in school policing.

Additionally, for those interested in more detailed information or background documents related to the meeting’s agenda, the Broward Schools Agenda page and Agenda Packet will offer further resources. These documents will provide valuable insights into the specifics of the School Policing Plan and the anticipated roles and responsibilities of the new school police department.

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