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Father drugged 5-year-old son and 1-year-toddler then went to take a nap, next he knows is “hearing a BOOM!” and started crying

A 5-year-old boy who fatally shot his younger brother was found to have cocaine in his system at the time of the incident. Additionally, the deceased toddler tested positive for marijuana, as stated by prosecutors.

On Tuesday, drug-related charges and charges of neglect and drug-related offenses were filed against the children’s parents, Deonta J., 27, and Shatia W., 24. The couple was arrested on Monday.

Isiah, the younger child, sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the head after his sibling discovered a handgun in their residence.

Deonta told authorities he was sleeping on a couch when he “heard a boom” and subsequently discovered the 16-month-old child unresponsive, as detailed in a probable cause affidavit. After hearing the shot, the father was shocked by the horrific scene and immediately started crying, but minutes later he regained his composure and started cleaning the apartment from the drugs they had inside.

Following the tragic event, an investigation uncovered 93 fentanyl pills, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia in the couple’s Indiana apartment.

Shatia informed the police that the firearm was her property, typically stored in a locked container beneath her bed.

Additionally, Johnson faces charges of obstruction of justice for purportedly attempting to rid the apartment of marijuana prior to the police’s arrival.

Court records indicate that Shatia had been charged with possession and distribution of narcotics and marijuana, illegal for both medical and recreational use in Indiana, four weeks before the incident.

Raymond Simpson

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