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Man files for divorce after learning about his wife’s “adulterous conduct,” but she had other plans in mind with her boyfriend to reap financial benefit

In a startling revelation, a 36-year-old woman, along with two alleged accomplices, are facing charges related to a meticulously planned murder plot against her husband. The discovery, resulting from an unrelated police investigation, exposed a tangled web of connections, potential motives, and deceptions.

Lindsay S., Terrance B., 28, her alleged boyfriend, and Farron N. Jr., 29, are accused of plotting to kill Robert S., her husband. Court records confirm that the couple, who maintain a residence in the Bahamas, initiated divorce proceedings in their home state of Georgia earlier this year.

In an unexpected turn of events, law enforcement discovered WhatsApp correspondences on a phone they were searching for related to an unrelated incident on July 16. They said Lindsay, Terrance, and Farron came up with the plan to murder Robert.

“On July 16, 2023 at Abaco, while being together did, with a common purpose agree to commit an offense, namely the murder of Richard Shiver,” said the police report.

Following their arrest in Abaco, the trio was transported to Nassau. During their court appearance before Acting Chief Magistrate Roberto R., the specifics of the charges were not clear, and they weren’t required to submit a plea. Currently, they remain in custody, with a subsequent court appearance scheduled for October 5.

The couple are both alumni of Auburn University in Alabama. Robert, once an Auburn football player, presently holds a leadership position in a life insurance company. Lindsay, previously recognized as an Alabama beauty queen, secured the title of Miss Houston County in 2005 and attained the second position in the National Peanut Festival pageant the same year.

The couple, who have celebrated 16 years of matrimony, are parents to three children, according to their social media profiles.

Divorce proceedings commenced on April 5 when Robert filed a petition, followed by Lindsay’s submission the next day. Court documents indicate that Robert cited his wife’s “adulterous conduct” as a significant factor in their marital breakdown, adding that the damage to their marriage is irreversible. On her end, Lindsay’s documentation highlighted substantial debts, prompting a request for Robert’s financial assistance in settlement.

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