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Father of missing girl to be released from Lake City prison

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — On Wednesday, the father of Haleigh Cummings, the little girl whose abduction made headlines around the country, will be freed from the facility where he has been serving his sentence.

She was in her house with her younger brother and the adolescent girlfriend of her father.

Haleigh was nowhere to be seen when her mother arrived home from work, and to this day, her body has never been discovered.

Even though they were at the focus of the investigation, Haleigh’s father, Ronald Cummings, and his girlfriend, Misty Croslin, were never prosecuted for Haleigh’s abduction. Misty was Ronald’s girlfriend at the time of Haleigh’s disappearance.

Instead, both of them are incarcerated due to narcotics accusations.

The release of Cummings is scheduled for tomorrow. The year 2031 is currently pegged as Croslin’s expected release date.

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