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Man choked his cyclical girlfriend to death because she “kind of got mouthy with him” and kept her in the bathtub before chopping her up and placing her remains in a cooler; sentenced

A man faced severe charges for the gruesome murder of his girlfriend, with whom he has been in a cyclical relationship, as well as for the indecent abuse of an inmate whom he assaulted because he relayed his confessions to authorities.

The 39-year-old man was sentenced for his heinous crimes on June 1.

Wade A. received his sentence after earlier pleading no contest to the charges related to the killing and mutilati0n of Kelly W. in May 2019 and the se-ual assault of a fellow prisoner at jail in 2020.

The verdict handed Wade 39 to 60 years behind bars for a second-degree homicide charge, an additional two to five years for attempted dismеmberment, and 38 months to five years for an attempted third-degree criminal se-ual conduct that he will serve consecutively to the murder sentence, AG Dana N. announced.

The sentence also mandated Wade to cover the deceased’s funeral costs, court-related expenses, various penalties, and to be listed permanently on the state’s se- offender registry.

Defense attorney Luke N. mentioned the harsh conditions his client endured in jail. However, the delay in the case was attributed to the defense’s challenges related to the search and a psychiatric assessment.

While Wade never confessed to killing Kelly, who had pre-existing medical conditions, he emotionally expressed his regrets in court, stating, “I should have taken better care of her. I was trying to take care of myself, let alone someone else. I have never, and I did not want her to die at all.” He also sought forgiveness from the victim’s family.

“I asked the family to please forgive me. They don’t have to. But with or without their forgiveness, I have to forgive myself.”

However, Assistant AG Danielle H.C. pointed out that Wade had a history of abusing Kelly and other partners with whom he had been involved over the years.

The individual assaulted in jail described Wade’s actions as non-consensual, branding him “a monster” during a video testimony.

Wade’s arrest on May 22, 2019, followed a tip-off about the grisly act involving Kelly. Details from court records reveal that the informant, identifying himself as Steven, told police that Wade and Kelly had been in an on-again, off-again relationship for a few years and that Kelly “kind of got mouthy with him; he backhanded her and accidentally killed her.” Wade further informed Steven that he kept Kelly in the bathtub for “a little while” before “chopping her up” and putting her in the cooler, court documents said.

Upon inquiry about the coolers, Wade made a chilling comment about preparing for the summer season. Law enforcement found the mutilatеd remains at Wade’s residence. While Wade contested the legality of the search, the Court of Appeals upheld its constitutionality.

In prison, after confiding in inmates about killing his girlfriend, Wade committed a se-ual assault upon discovering they had tipped off law enforcement about his confessions.

AG Dana N., later commented on the case, emphasizing that no punishment can truly compensate for the pain inflicted on the victims and their families but expressed hope that this sentencing would help in the healing process.

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