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Controlling woman posted compromising pictures of her ex-girlfriend on internet because she ignored her and blocked her calls, and wrote threatening messages on social media; charged

A young woman faces grave charges after her alleged vindictive actions towards an ex-lover came to light. The woman has been accused of threatening her former girlfriend across multiple social media platforms and taking the drastic step of publishing compromising pictures of her on the internet.

The 21-year-old woman was taken into custody on July 5 for reportedly threatening her former partner and posting explicit pictures of her on the internet.

Lilniece H. is accused of targeting her ex-girlfriend after they split following a relationship that lasted seven months. The affected individual reported receiving threats across various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp, as per reports.

“I really hate you, you never cared about me! im gonna kill you im goin for first degree youll be dead soon give me the lo ill come up to that school and shoot you in ur f—n face they wont be able to find ya body when im done wit u [sic],” is what Lilniece allegedly wrote, as mentioned in the official police record.

According to police, not only did Lilniece threaten the individual, but she also targeted the victim’s family. Her actions escalated to sharing private photos of her ex-girlfriend on the internet, particularly when she was ignored and had her calls blocked.

“You dont ignore someone who has ur n*des im finna expose this girl i sleep peacefully every night knowing that i harass this girl faithfully [sic],” was Lilniece’s alleged response after publishing the explicit photos.

Insights from the report highlight that Lilniece exhibited dominant behavior throughout their relationship, frequently wanting to know her partner’s whereabouts at all times.

Lilniece was arrested at the main office of the police department and was subsequently taken to the correctional center for processing the next day.

The charges against Lilniece include writing threats, classified as a felony, and se-ual cyberharassment, a misdemeanor. The identity of the victim remains undisclosed due to the nature of the case being related to domestic violence.

After securing a $5,000 bond, Lilniece was instructed to remain under house arrest, with an order in place prohibiting her from making any contact with the victim.

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