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Young mother strangled her three minor children to death just days after she had “the best day in her life”, reportedly she was suffering from postpartum depression

A 32-year-old woman is facing several charges, including three counts of murder and strangulation, for strangling to death her three children aged 7, 3, and 7 months in an incident that happened earlier this year. Late last week, the woman was formally indicted by a grand jury and faces decades in prison.

According to the available information, the mother, identified as Lindsay C., killed her three minor children in January this year while her husband was out of the residence. The woman was also seriously injured and barely survived in what appears to be an apparent attempted murder-suicide incident. Lindsay reportedly strangled the three kids before locking herself in a bedroom, cutting her own wrists, and jumping out of a window.

Police learned about the incident as soon as Lindsay’s husband returned to the family’s Mass. home and found his wife heavily injured in the backyard. While the woman was unable to walk or move, she was conscious and able to tell her husband that the children were locked in the basement when he asked where the minors were and if they were okay. He found the children in the basement with exercise bands wrapped around their necks.

According to the court documents, as soon as the first responders arrived at the scene, they were informed by the man that his wife had killed the kids. The victims were immediately transferred to a hospital for treatment, where two were pronounced dead, while one of them died a few days later as a result of the serious injuries sustained in the incident. Court documents further reveal that the suspect purposefully sent her husband to buy dinner so she could be home alone, showing “deliberate premeditation and extreme atrocity and cruelty.”

Lindsay’s attorney said in court that the woman was suffering from postpartum depression and that there was a possibility of postpartum psychosis. The attorney blamed the heavy medications previously prescribed to her client for her condition. Although she went to a psychiatric hospital on her own just weeks before the incident, she was reportedly discharged from there with no signs or paperwork to have been a danger to society or her own.

Lindsey’s husband told the authorities that his wife “had one of the best days of her life” the day she killed the children and tried to kill herself. She was happy all day long, and nothing indicated that she was going to harm anyone, especially not her children or herself. Lindsey was indicted on three counts of murder and strangulation. As a result of her indictment, Clancy will be arraigned again at a later date, prosecutors said.

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